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Adventure Girl
Wiek 51 Z South Bend, Indiana - Online - Ponad 2 tygodni temu
Kobieta Szukam Mężczyzna

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I am a very natural person, I believe beauty is truly found on the inside. I love the outdoors, music, photography, art. I enjoy the country but also enjoy being in a big city. Let's just say I am able to find joy in almost anything anywhere! I am looking for someone who loves an adventure whether it be in your back yard or miles away. I enjoy traveling and will always choose back roads wherever I go. I want someone who can turn a 2 hour drive into 6 because there is so much to see and experience in this world! I want someone who doesn't take life too seriously but who is responsible and respectful. I have a love for all creatures (except spiders, they must go). I am just as happy around a campfire as I am at the symphony. looking for someone who loves new experiences and is not afraid to take a chance in life and love.

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5' 5 (165 cm)
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